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a photo editing

save yourself from getting lost in the editing abyss and unburden your art by outsourcing your photo editing to a private editor who truly understands you

experience          to you.


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You've poured your heart and soul into building your brand, but the endless hours of editing (on top of shooting photos and managing a business all on your own) are starting to take their toll. It's time to break free from the myth that you have to "do it all" yourself and instead implement a system to protect yourself from burnout.

With my Boutique Private Photo Editing Service, you can say goodbye to being overwhelmed. I'll take care of the editing, so you can reclaim those precious hours for yourself, your loved ones, or growing your business - the possibilities are endless!

Your photography is undeniably your art, and I totally understand how daunting it might seem to let someone else handle the editing. But let me assure you, editing is merely the icing on the cake for your magnificent work. 

Your true, authentic style happens in those moments when you're behind the camera, capturing the perfect shot. The real magic lies in your ability to choose the composition and create that in-camera connection with your subjects, creating those extraordinary and captivating photos that are uniquely yours. While editing is indeed a skill, it is a learned skill that can be replicated without compromising your artistic vision. 

I’ll preserve your signature editing style, ensuring your photos shine and stay true to your unique aesthetic and brand. Think of me as your trusty Sous Chef, using your signature recipe to cook up amazing edits while you focus on unleashing your creativity elsewhere in the metaphorical Photography kitchen.

With faster turnaround times delivering consistent edits, you'll have happier clients and more business!

enjoy            and less editing

your style,

more life

-  Holly

while easing

your workflow  

Experience a Higher Level of Editing Efficiency and Quality. I Offer a Personalized photo Editing Service Aligned with Your Brand, Enabling You to Maintain a Sustainable Business without burnout

edit          not harder

Think of all the hours you usually spend behind the screen editing photos - now think of all the ways you can repurpose those hours to create a better work/life balance when you no longer have to worry about editing. 

Gain back hours in your day

Have you ever heard of spending money to make money? Outsourcing your editing can help you increase your profits year after year. You can use the time saved, usually spent editing, to focus on growing your business rather than just maintaining it by improving your skills and website, securing more clients, and booking more shoots = $$$$$!


By hiring me as your private photo editor, you will benefit from a tailor-made service to suit your individual needs. I will take the time to learn and implement your editing style and work with you to ensure your galleries are uniform and reflect your brand. In addition, I welcome and encourage feedback on each catalogue so that I can fine-tune and tweak my editing so that your future catalogues continue to meet your brand's standards.

consistent edits every time!


Time is Money: Reclaim Both with Outsourcing!

hey, I'm

your photography business bestie

I'm the editor and owner of Young At Heart Editing, as well as proud mama, artist, homebody, foodie and collector of cats.

I started Young At Heart Editing because I saw my photographer friends stressing out, trying to do it all - from managing their own business, to shooting, and editing. They love what they do, but editing was eating up their time and energy, leaving them burnt out and falling behind on delivering client catalogues. 

That's where I step in! With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and an artist's eye, I’m well versed in the ins and outs of colour theory and composition, and I'll edit your photos to match your unique style.

By outsourcing your editing to me, you’ll gain back hours in your day without having to compromise on quality. The catalogues I’ll deliver will continue to stay true to your brand, as I'll edit them in your signature style.

Burnout is real! Just because you can do it all yourself doesn't mean you need to (not anymore, anyways). Let me be your trusted teammate, and you can use the time saved to strike a better work/life balance. 


proud mama, Artist, home body, foodie & collector of cats

Holly Young

My job as your private photo editor is to learn, understand and implement your unique photo editing style and brand aesthetic so that I can edit your catalogues with the same quality and consistency that you would. 

boutique         photo editing services


photo editing

A committed Photo Editor (me) who takes the time to learn and tailor to your unique brand and editing style

Develop Panel adjustments, including cropping/straightening of each image (Lightroom panels: Basic, Tone Curve, HSL/Colour, Colour Grading, Detail, Lens Corrections, Transform, Effects, Calibration). Does not include Local Adjustments/ retouching tools. 

A consistent and high-quality experience that delivers images on time - turnaround time of 1-3 business days (3-5 during busier seasons).

A personable relationship built on trust and open communication with a virtual Feedback System

Lightroom Smart Previews

An easy online platform for drag & drop file transfers

A stress-free experience that gives you more freedom and time to dedicate to the things that bring you joy!

Standard Photo Editing Services pricing is $0.36/ image (CAD) plus applicable taxes. You will not be charged for any anchor images you provide - as they will be deducted from your total edited image count.

what this service includes:




 an editing experience TAILOR-MADE just for you!





Your catalogue will be culled before the start of the editing process.

Culling is an optional add-on service to the Standard Photo Editing Services provided by Young at Heart Editing. It is not included in the standard per-image editing rate and costs an additional $0.07/image (CAD). 

If you do not wish to add-on this service to your catalogue, you must cull your images before sending them for the Standard Photo Editing Services option. 

You will not be charged for anchor images, as they will be deducted from your total photos to be culled.

what this service includes:

reserve a spot on my client list

      it works

Before I can begin editing for you, you must secure a spot on my client list for the year (if available). This is because I prefer to make long-lasting relationships with my clients. Because of this, I only work with a handful of clients per year, and I do not offer one-off edits.


step one:


      it works

Once you've got a spot on my client list, you can access my editing calendar. Please feel free to book and schedule any current or future wedding and portrait catalogues you need to be edited in my available time slots. This gives you the flexibility of scheduling multiple edits in advance or having the ability to book whatever is soonest available!  


step two:


      it works

Don't worry - you won't need to hand deliver your memory cards or spend hours uploading large RAW files - the process of uploading and sending over files is quick and easy! So if you've never outsourced before - don't fret! I’ll send you easy step-by-step instructions on how to upload your files.


step three:


      it works

Within 1-3 business days (3-5 in the busier season) after your scheduled appointment, you will receive an email from me with a download link for your edited catalogue. Then, with the simple file import instructions I will provide you, you will watch the final edits appear before your eyes as Lightroom updates your files in a matter of moments!


step four:

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Still, have questions? Outsourcing can seem scary - but it doesn't have to be. Let me put your mind at ease and walk you through the process during a 15-minute complimentary video consultation.





Thank you for considering me for your outsourcing needs! To maintain the highest quality possible, I take on a limited number of new clients per year to make sure that each is given the attention and quality they deserve.

Please note: I do not accept one-off or seasonal edits for non-clients. My editing focus and time is entirely dedicated to my onboarded clients.

The button below will take you to a quick form that is very important as it gives me a sense of who you are and your photo editing needs. it's my goal to only work with clients that I am a great fit with so my services can truly help them. to be sure we are an excellent fit for each other, please take a moment to tell me more about you and your business.